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    The party committee of the company organized party members to watch the opening ceremony of the "Nineteenth National Congress".

    網站編輯:sxd │ 發表時間:2017-12-23 

    On October 18th, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing. The party committee of the company organized all party members and more than 60 party activists to listen to the opening ceremony in the conference room.

    At 9 am on the same day, everyone was seated in the conference room on time. During the viewing process, everyone gathered and listened carefully, and many comrades also took notes seriously.

    The report of Comrade Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony gave great encouragement to the participating comrades. Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company and the 14th Party Representative of Zhejiang Province Shen Guozhen said that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s exposition on economic work in the report talked about our heart, because a good national economic development environment is the prerequisite for the development of private enterprises. Secretary Shen Guoxuan said that the party committee of the company will organize all party members of the company to conscientiously study and fully implement the party's "Nineteenth National Congress" spirit, and adhere to the principle of being responsible to the party, the society, the enterprise and the employees, and further clarify the development ideas of the enterprise. Work hard, and strive to achieve the goal of re-creating a "new Hongda" in the next 10 years, and contribute to the "Hundred Days" of the party's "two hundred years" goal.

    Everyone said that General Secretary Xi has painted a grand blueprint for China in the report and is proud of being a Communist Party member. In the future work, he will play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, not forgetting his initial heart and standing on his post. Enterprises and society make more contributions.