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    HTC Hi-Tech implemented the technical transformation project.

    網站編輯:sxd │ 發表時間:2018-03-08 

    In December 2017, Hongda's weaving department warp workshop added several imported high-end latest models of warp knitting machines and warping machines, and at the same time, some of the warp knitting machines were technically upgraded. This will greatly enhance the quality of our products while better meeting the growing needs of our customers.

    At the same time of adding new equipment, the weaving department also under the command of the company's leadership, according to the different attributes of the machine, the existing machine platform has been re-integrated and divided into car velvet machine (area) and conventional fabric machine (region ). The equipment was re-arranged for a total of 50 mobile stations, and it took only 3 days from machine shutdown to re-production, which greatly reduced the impact of downtime on production tasks. Through this re-integration, the overall layout of the warp knitting workshop is more reasonable, more scientific and more efficient!

    It is reported that since this year, Hongda has invested more than 40 million yuan in technological transformation funds to adapt to the market environment and enhance its competitiveness.