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  2. Hongda Hi-Tech participated in the “‘Colorful Volunteers’ in Action, Civilization Helps G20” Event

    網站編輯:admin │ 發表時間:2016-05-13 

    On the morning of May 13, Hongda Hi-Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. participated in the launching ceremony of the “Colorful Volunteers in Action” and “Civilized Help G20” event held in the indoor square of the “Home Textile City” International Trade Center.

    At 9 o'clock, the launching ceremony officially began. Volunteers representatives read the “Doing Civilization Xu Village People” proposal; 300 volunteers from Xucun Town’s youth volunteer team, Xucun Good People Group, Party member Red Cube volunteer team, etc., jointly promised to promote dedication, friendship, The volunteer spirit of mutual assistance and progress promoted the creation of a national civilized city and greeted the G20 summit. On the sidelines, the volunteer activities of the eight major themes were being carried out simultaneously, and the blood donation points were set at the entrance. The two sides were civilized ambassadors on-site painting and "good people." The group recruited volunteers on the spot. Zhu Tingting, the representative of “Hongda Hi-Tech”, participated in the “Little Ceremony” of the colorful micro-will, and will send warmth to the children in need. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 28 employees of Hongda Hi-Tech participated in the voluntary blood donation activities.

    It is understood that "Hongda Hi-Tech" participated in the event, aiming at fulfilling the company's social responsibility, advocating the company's employees to promote dedication and dedication, to join the action created by civilization, to help the G20 summit.