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  2. Hongda Hi-Tech “Helping Beautiful Rural Construction” Volunteer Service

    網站編輯:admin │ 發表時間:2018-03-31 

    At 13:30 in the afternoon, party members and comrades set off to go to Dangwan Village to participate in the volunteer service activities of “helping beautiful rural construction”. After meeting with the village party committee in Dangwan Village, everyone put on a red vest, put on a red hood, took tongs, collecting buckets, garbage bags, fishing nets and other tools, all the way to the north to the Dangwan Primary School and Yaoqiao Group II Garbage on the road and garbage in the river. While picking up the garbage, the volunteers also actively promoted the "two-complete" action policy, communicated with the villagers, popularized knowledge for the villagers, answered questions and doubts, and guided the villagers to actively respond to the government's call to build a beautiful bay.