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  2. Hongda Hi-Tech began as a school-running factory. It is a company founded and operated by intellectuals. It has the characteristics of “intellectuality”; in the past 20 years of corporate history, from survival to growth, from ordinary warp knitting to automotive interiors. The development, transformation and upgrading of warp knitting, from ordinary fabrics to functional fabrics, and the pioneering realization of “replacement of imports” among various products, created a situation of winning by intelligence.

    Facing the future, the company, as a leading enterprise in the industry, is committed to leading domestic counterparts from China's manufacturing to China's creation. While strengthening and improving itself, we are constantly making innovations and self-improvement, and are committed to promoting the synergy of the industry. The world provides products originating from "China's intellectual creation", and we are dedicated to doing business and rejuvenating the country, do our best, and do our part.